Hildy Bars

The way in which we care for our first environment--our bodies--reflects the type of care we extend to our planet. I love making (or trying to make) beautiful, healthy, lovingly prepared food, and for many years I have enjoyed tinkering with recipes, trying to improve them and make them healthier, without sacrificing taste and texture.

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The Hildy Bars Story

A few months ago when I was visiting a student for one of the classes I teach at Earlham School of Religion, I watched a portion of a beautiful German movie created based on the life of Hildegard of Bingen, the 12th century mystic who was a talented healer as well as a writer, composer, and magistra. She wrote extensively about nature and its healing properties, and after watching the movie, I began reading her book, Physica, interested in her approach to natural healing. In Physica she mentions the ancient grain spelt, and often recommended it as a grain that was healthful and healing for all people, especially those who couldn't afford the meat and vegetables that affluent households enjoyed. Curious, I looked up spelt and discovered that we can still get spelt flour today, so I bought some and began baking with it by replacing a percentage of the white or wheat flour I was using with the spelt flour. This led to my experimenting with the idea of creating healthy breakfast bars (which I love anyway), which led me to the subject of this page: Hildy Bars! :)

What, besides Love, Goes is in a Hildy Bar?

Through a long process of trial and refinement, I created a recipe for Hildy Bars that produce a moist, flavorful bar that has no egg, no dairy, and no processed sugar. I freeze the bars I make and have one for breakfast each day--and they are filling and a good (and good-for-you) replacement for the processed energy bars we buy at the grocery store. The base recipe for Hildy Bars uses the following ingredients:
  • Oats
  • Homemade granola (with oats, barley, flax seed, wheat bran, soy grits, wheat germ, sesame seeds, honey, and sunflower seeds)
  • Equal portions spelt flour and nonbleached white flour
  • Cinnamon
  • Brown rice syrup
  • Applesauce
Then I add the ingredients that give the bars personality:

Dark Chocolate-Macadamia


Do You Want to Try Hildy Bars?

I love baking these bars and feel it's a way to spread good energy--through nourishing, soul-loving food--so I consider it to be a Good Work consistent with Hildegard's original mission and the work of the God we both love. :)
I bake Hildy Bars twice a month, and I would love to add your order to the next batch! Here are the specifics you need to know about the bars:
  • The bars are 4" x 1.25" and cost $1.00 each. I offer a Sampler Pack of 30 bars in my "Baking with the Saints" Etsy shop for $30.
  • Email me at bakingwiththesaints@live.com if you want to place an order in which you choose the flavors you'd like. 
  • Delivery of the bars is available in Indianapolis and surrounding areas for an extra $5 charge
  • To order Hildy Bars, or ask me a question, or what-have-you, please feel free to email me at bakingwiththesaints@live.com. You can also order Hildy Bars online now at "Baking with the Saints."

Hildy Bar Samples and Miscellanea

I also provide samples if you'd like to try before you buy. A Hildy Bars Sampler Pack includes three bars of your choosing--just let me know which ones you'd like to try.

Another way I've started to share the Hildy Bars love is to provide samples at open houses, recitals, church meetings, and other gatherings where you might be looking for a tasty-and-healthy snack. If you'd like to include Hildy Bars in your next gathering, send me a message and we'll put our heads together about it.

Sending smiles and blessings, with a heartfelt wish that as we nourish our bodies and souls, we nurture our planet!


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