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This page lists the books I have written or am writing related to eco-spirituality. I hope you find something you like!

Listening to the Earth: Meditations on Experiencing and Belonging to Nature
Description on "These lovely and enlivening meditations awaken us to the resonance of our ordinary humanity. Katherine Murray has a remarkable capacity to engage our senses and deepen our grateful presence in this living Earth." Joanna Macy, author, World As Lover, World As Self.

Author Katherine Murray is a spiritual director, writer, mom, and nana who loves the earth and all beings living here. The author of many nonfiction books Katherine mixes pastoral care with contemplative writing and feels that healing our relationship with the earth is integral to personal and societal healing. 120 pp. Lorian Press, 2011.

Go to to view this book.Paperback: $11.70      Kindle: $9.99

A Simple Guide to Eco-Spirituality

Description on Simple Guides give you just the facts. Get up to speed with Eco-Spirituality concepts and learn how to put them in practice!Simple Guides: get you started quickly.No extra clutter, no extra reading. Learn how to get started with putting sustainability and spiritual practice into your immediate environment, then find out what you can do put faith connections into caring for the earth.Find out the best ways to consider eco-justice approaches to social problems, helping the earth through community programs, and start developing a spiritual ethic of care for people and planet! Luminis Books, forthcoming.

Go to to view this book.      Preorder: $9.56

Awareness: An Owner's Manual [Free downloadable ebook!] 

Description: Learn how to nurture your own awareness--of yourself (inner and outer), of others, and of your world. This contemplative little book encourages you to linger a little longer when you see something beautiful and breathe a little more deeply on beautiful days, and expand your awareness (and capacity for joy!). Exercises are included to help you reflect and explore along the way. 66 pp. Self-published.

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Awareness: An Owner's Manual

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