Friday, March 8, 2013

Spreading the word

A few days ago, thanks to an invitation from the director of Spiritual Directors International, I had the wonderful joy of participating in an interview with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal. She was working on fascinating story that follows a number of folks who have felt led, in the second half of life, to drop everything (figuratively speaking) and prepare for ministry work. I fit in with this group because after a long and enjoyable career in publishing (or perhaps, more accurately, in addition to my career in publishing), I felt led to go to seminary to prepare to be a hospice chaplain. That original intent blossomed into chaplaincy but also teaching and spiritual direction. I now see spiritual directees in the lovely, peaceful sunroom of my home (backed up against the woods) and I am deeply honored and fulfilled by this beautiful opportunity to companion people on their spiritual journeys. It's beautiful and amazing work and God, in my experience, always shows up!

It's worth a thought, a prayer, or a little intention: Who are your companions on your spiritual journey? If you feel you're all alone as you learn and grow and reach, I have some good news for you--others will come alongside you in love as you travel this path. I am convinced it is not meant to be a solitary undertaking, even for those of us who are happy introverts. God's blossoming is all about Love, and while we can love God with all our hearts, minds, and spirits, I believe it's also God's intention to "knit us back together" in harmony and beautiful, rich, expanding love. Our relationships enable us to see and bless and understand Life, and our very own beings, in ways that transcend what we could grasp alone. Maybe that's why God needs us, too. :)

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