Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blessing the space

I've been thinking a lot lately about what the power of our blessing can do when we bring it into spaces that need healing. Perhaps an area has been overrun with flooding, or something tragic occurred on the land. Or perhaps there is a controversy about what will be done with a landscape, as is the case in this Tennessee town where an ecumenical gathering of townsfolk have begun praying for the protection of a local mountain ridge.

I believe our connection with the land and our prayers, meditations, and actions on its--and our--behalf can really do something. Blessing the land before changes begin, asking that animals with homes in that area find just the right new places, asking that the growth in that area be prepared for change, asking that the land be understood as an appreciated and welcome partner in the coming changes are good, positive efforts that bring a sense of awake love and awareness to all participants in the change. When these changes come, it's not simply humankind acting on an object--nature. It's a partnership that is unfolding and it could be a co-creative, respectful relationship, if we approach it with open eyes and hearts, and our blessings.

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